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Full Circle Dance Center

Vision / Mission Statement


The beauty of dance is that it nourishes our body, mind and spirit while promoting self-confidence, self-respect, cooperation, leadership and appreciation of the arts. My goal is to inspire and motivate our students in a warm, fun, challenging, honest, accepting, and positive yet disciplined environment by working together with the instructors, students, and parents. This is my first vision/mission statement, and as we grow so will our mission. Until then, here are some philosophies that are important to me - ideals that I’ve learned along the way on this journey called Dance.

Full Circle Dance Center’s main philosophy is first and foremost about the ultimate success and well-being of each dancer. The welfare of the student will come BEFORE my own personal or business successes. This is about THEM - successful dancers will create the successful business!

Every student, whether a recreational or serious dancer, is equally important and will receive the utmost encouragement and technical training to become a confident and accomplished dancer.

A supportive, trustworthy, and uplifting environment is not only imperative to the success of the dancers, but of the instructors as well. If instructors are inspired to teach, students will be inspired to learn.

All Intermediate, Advanced Intermediate, and Advanced classes are one hour long to fully utilize the essential stretching process and focus on proper technique.


Open communication is paramount to the success of each dancer. Thoughtful questions will be answered with honest answers - promoting great teamwork between instructor, student and parent.

Since every student learns differently, carefully thought out and attainable short-term goals provided by the instructor will lead to optimal individual growth.  

Every student has different body types and natural abilities as well as weaknesses to overcome. This is what makes us all unique and special. We can ALL become great dancers!

Everyone makes mistakes, both on the dance floor and off. Learn from mistakes and move on.

Students will be expected to work hard and to try. They will also be expected to have fun. :)

I love dance and I love children - for me it’s not just a job, it’s a passion.


Kelly Kledzik

Artistic Director/Principal Instructor

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